Welcome to NHLWV

Domestic Violence affects many men and women throughout New Zealand. One women in three (and one man in five) is likely to be subject to physical or sexual violence at the hands of their partner. Many more men and women will be subject to emotional, psychological or verbal abuse while in a relationship (including being shouted at, put down, threatened or intimidated).

Despite this, there is help available for those affected by domestic violence. North Harbour Living Without Violence (NHLWV) runs programmes in Takapuna, Auckland to help men, women and children eliminate abuse and violence from their lives. Participants often describe these programmes as "life-changing", helping many people to create the violence-free lives that they really want to be living.

The central message of this website is that help is available for anyone who is living with abuse or violence. This includes people who are:

  • becoming angry, abusive or violent towards their partner or children
  • living in fear of their partner´┐Żs anger or abuse and violence
  • reacting with anger, abuse or violence at the small things in life
  • worried about the effect of their anger on their children
  • worried about the effect of their partner's anger on their children
  • experiencing difficulties with the law due to issues of anger, abuse or violence

Whatever situation you are in we can help you

Perhaps the most difficult step in accessing our help is contacting us the first time. This can take a lot of courage. The contact details on this website mean you can email us or phone us (in confidence if necessary) to access the help that you and your family deserve. Living a life free of abuse or violence is a right that all people deserve to have.